Garden multi-tools are excellent for assisting with and completing a variety of garden maintenance tasks.


A multipurpose garden tool has a single power unit that can accommodate a range of gardening accessories, making these machines an excellent alternative to having a separate piece of garden equipment for each operation.

There are petrol and cordless alternatives to suit your needs, and harnesses enable long-term usage by helping to maintain the tool’s weight.
These products have the advantage of being versatile enough for occasional usage, so instead of owning many tools, you only need to use one.

Petrol Power

Available in a number of engine power options and fuel tank capacity levels (depending on manufacturer), hedge cutters, brush cutters, grass trimmers, and pole pruners are all included in most petrol multi tools.
Some hedge cutter attachments also come with an extension shaft, allowing you to use it as a long-reach hedge cutter for tall hedges.

Newer technology now allows for increased power, yet lower noise, emissions and fuel consumption.

Check specific models for additional attachments that are included

Cordless Battery Powered

Cordless multi-tool sets are powered by batteries with varying power and are ideal for gardeners with modest properties.
Less maintenance, no emissions, less noise, and reduced vibration are all benefits of using clean, green lithium battery power.
Changing attachments on a cordless garden tool allows you to strim, prune, or cut hedges with ease.

Additional tools may also be purchased to cover all manner of gardening tasks.

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